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Information about me & my services in English.

What I can offer you

 I offer a wide variety of services - from personal spiritual consulting to supporting your own spiritual business with art, media and technology. I love a challenge and unusual ideas just as much as traditional requests (like card readings or horoscopes), so don't hesitate to ask whatever is on your mind! 


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All my spiritual offerings are donation based.

I mainly work in the following fields:

  • Life consultation via cards, nature, contact with spirits etc.
  • Healing of nature and spirits, communication with spirits
  • Connecting you with Freyja and the Norse Goddesses 
  • Creating, performing and supporting rituals and personal events
  • Giving talks about spiritual topics

IT & Media

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These services will either be charged hourly or by a fixed amount, depending on what your needs are.

I can support you e.g. with

  • Creating and editing content and layout of your website 
  • Creation of media products, e.g. flyers, books or presentations
  • Technical support of your website infrastructure
  • Technical support of virtual events

Art & Music

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Together with my network of artists, I can offer for a fixed price the following services and goods:

  • Handcrafted art (e.g. decorative pictures) individually created for you
  • Musical pieces for your projects
  • Videos 
  • Items for rituals / events

About me

My name is Franziska and I am a typical child of our times: a bit of everything mixed with a good portion of crazy, but with my feet firm on the ground.

I am, first, an engineer. Yes, you read it right - the first thing I did after school was study Electrical engineering. What I bring from this time: systematic thinking, a focus on pragmatic solutions that actually work and a certain unafraidness when it comes to dealing with technology

Second, I am an artist. My passion is music and singing, but I also love all other forms of creativity. Therefore I enjoy all kinds of creative projects and often come up with a fresh perspective. I also bring a creative network for anything I can't do myself. (And if you're interested in synth music, check out my band.)

Third, I am a professional consultant. I have several years of experience in industry, where I worked mainly in Change Management and Strategy. I have been coaching managers and helped IT employees work through new and unfamiliar processes. I am happy to bring this experience into my more personal approach here.

Fourth, I am a Daughter of Freyja. A long-term sceptic, my life changed drastically in 2018 after heavy personal experiences that took me off my feet. I fell, and was caught, to my most surprise, by Goddess energy. As a result, I wanted to give back and took Zindra Andersson's Way of the Völva  training in Glastonbury. With this came back a myriad of memories on how to work with spirits, energies, souls, time and fate. I dedicated to the Goddess Freyja in 2020 and have been deeply enjoying this new spiritual life. I bring a balanced and rather playful approach to spirituality, never forgetting where I come from, but also dedicated to extend this path. Two of my closest spirit helpers show themselves as a Swan and a Snake - which is why I choose their names for this business.

And fifth, I am an academic student. After all this time, I went back to university to learn more about the foundations of my faith and all the times that spin through my head. From this I bring a growing knowledge of history and languages, which I can also bring into the services I offer here for you.

Swan & Snake Consulting was born from a lot of coincidences. I do believe none of them happened without a deeper meaning behind them - and I am very happy to help you navigate your own story. 

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